Destination Agape


     Hello and welcome to my website, Destination Agape.  This sight, as the name reveals is a sight dedicated to the love of the Lord, and spreading that love to "every Tribe, Tongue, and Nation".  As you may know Agape is a type of love.  It is the love that God shows us in that it is unconditional love.  This love knows no bounds, no limits, and never ends.  No matter how far you feel you have gone from God, he is ready to take you into his arm and give you the love he longs to bestow on you.  He desires for you and everyone to know Agape!
     I'm sure you are wondering who I, the author of this site, am.  Well, to start off, let me tell you who I'm not.  I'm not a religious fanatic, a zelot, an over conservative psycho, a perfect person, a "weird" Christian, or any other negative Christian nickname.  I am, however, a bible believing follower of Christ.  I believe in the flawlessness of the Bible, and I believe that every word in the Bible is inspired by God and penned by man.  I believe that the Bible is as applicable today as it has been for centuries, and I believe that there are ZERO contradictions in the Bible.  (If I lost you at that last statement, I'm not sorry, but I'm not surprised.)  I believe in absolute truth, and know that it is in Christ.  I believe that three can equal one and that the Trinity proves that and isn't something that represents a flawed idea.  That being said, I also believe in the love of God demonstrated by Jesus on the cross and by the Holy Spirit in its daily direction.  We should make it our life mission to spread the knowledge of this amazing love, and we, as Christians, should desire to see everyone experience this unending love...this AGAPE LOVE!

     After you mill around the site for a little while, you will start to notice a war theme.  This is because one, I'm a guy, and two, becasue we are engaged in an epic battle for our souls.  We are fighting for a relationship with our greatest love.  Would you be ready to fight some one who attacked your wife/husband, boy/girlfriend, or sister/brother?  Then how much more should we want to fight the one who is trying to rip us away from the greatest love that we can every know?  The love that we are made to experience.  So, this is the reason for the war theme, and I hope you see it as relevent and interresting.  Thank you all for coming, and enjoy!